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About Us

Close Up informs, inspires, and empowers young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.

Founded in 1971, Close Up is a nonprofit that educates and inspires young people to become informed and engaged citizens. To achieve this, we work closely with teachers, administrators, parents and students nationwide.

We fulfill our mission by providing challenging, hands-on civic education programs for students and teachers inWashington,D.C.These programs are known for their positive impact on student attitudes and for giving teachers valuable insights to take back to classrooms nationwide. Using the nation's capital as a living classroom, participants get a "close up" view of government and democracy in action. They return to their communities confident to play meaningful roles.

We provide programs for middle schools and high schools, as well as programs for constituencies such as Native Americans, New Americans, and Pacific Islanders.

Over the past four decades, Close Up has developed a teaching method that appeals to virtually all types of students and that is delivered by our well-trained faculty. Our 725,000 alums come from all walks of life as well as every state, every territory, and several countries.

We also fulfill our mission through classroom teaching tools. The most notable is "Current Issues." This annual textbook, now in its 36th edition, is relied on by teachers nationwide to stimulate student debate on key policy issues.

Democracy is government for the people by the people. At Close Up, we complement what teachers do in classrooms nationwide so that young people will play informed and active roles in making the world a better place.