About Us

SPRAT started as an informal voluntary organization in late 1998, but confined itself largely to science promoting activities. The communal violence of 2002 shook us completely and compelled us to embark on grass roots work, beginning with relief aid for riot victims.

Our long-term programs, e.g. empowerment centers, literacy program, aspire to serve the underprivileged, providing them with hand-holding support. Periodically, we also conduct ad-hoc projects as needs arise. We run campaigns to engage diverse groups: Muslim, urban educated youth, etc. in inter-faith appreciation and national integration. SPRAT is a secular society that abides by reason, science, humanism and constitutionalism. While serving both Muslims and Hindus, we remain neutral to Islam and Hinduism. Blending professionalism with compassion, SPRAT works with complete transparency and decentralization. We compliment other NGOs, rather than compete with them, seeking to harness general latent goodwill in our society.