Orange County Chilren's Therapeutic ARTS Center

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2215 N Broadway
Santa Ana
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About Us

The Orange County Children's Therapeutic ARTS Center (OCCTAC) is a 501(c)3 community-based ARTS organization dedicated to education and empowerment of at-risk youth and children with special needs of limited resources.

The Orange County Children’s Therapeutic ARTS Center is seen as a focal point of therapeutic arts services for children and youth in Orange County. OCCTAC offers high-quality, comprehensive-multicultural curriculum and programs that combine the ARTS, academics and creative therapies to empower youth. OCCTAC’s vision prioritizes on empowering children and youth of limited resources, from diverse backgrounds through academic support; creative expression through the arts and parent education.

OCCTAC is committed to providing access to services for all children and families impacted by physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional or learning disabilities. We accomplish this in part by serving as a catalyst for expanded quality services and by developing new programs to fill identified gaps in the community. We continue to ensure that the foundation of the organization rests with committed and compassionate Board of Directors, staff and teachers, who are talented artists, musicians, educators and therapists.

What We Do

OCCTAC serves a wide variety of ages, from very young children and their parents to young adults. Our programs include the following:

• After-School ARTS Program provides artistic training in the fields of Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Musical Theatre, and Technology to children and youth of all ages and background

• Therapeutic Arts Program offers music therapy, art therapy and expressive arts therapy to children and youth with special needs;

• Early Start Program serves very young children (6 months to 2 1/2 years of age) with and without disabilities;

• Parent & Child Preschool Program serves young children ages 3, 4 and 5 and their parents;

• After-School Tutoring Program provides tutoring and homework support to children and youth through individual or small group instruction;

• Youth Job Training Program provides Transitional Age Youth (17- 21 yrs.) educational skills, job training, work experience and career counseling in the field of Arts, Education & Technology;

• MECCA Outreach and Engagement Program provides referral and linkages to resources they need in thier communities. Examples of possible linkage/referrals include: therapy, counseling, after-school classes for children, recreational classes or workshops, educational resources, document/application completion, translation, transcription, legal clinics, medical, dental, transportation assistance, support groups, etc

• MECCA Socialization Program provides isolated adults 26 or older in Orange County with linkages/resources to reconnect them to thier commuinty through recreational activties, nutriional and educational program, referrals and social support. This is a year-long program.