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About Us


Founded in 2009, Wisconsin Progress is a state‐based candidate recruitment and training program, responsible for building a progressive network of elected leaders at the local and state level. Our candidates represent the next generation of progressive leaders in Wisconsin.



We work year-round to identify, recruit, and assist progressives to make the decision to run for office. We are able to provide possible recruits with self‐assessments, targeting data, historical information, poll-tested messaging, and district profiles, all necessary tools to ensure candidates fully understand their race.


For many of our recruited candidates, it’s their first time running for public office. That’s why we provide meaningful trainings statewide on numerous topics such as elements of a campaign, how to develop a campaign plan, and delivering a winning message.

Candidate Service:

As soon as a candidate declares that they’re “in the race”, we get to work providing them with essential services critical along their path to victory. Whether it be helping potential candidates do self‐assessments, identify volunteers, work on their campaign message, target voters, write campaign plans, or raising critical campaign funds, Wisconsin Progress works closely with candidates to provide the tools needed to win!


All of the candidates we work with must gain endorsement from our advisory council. To earn our endorsement candidates MUST score 100% on our candidate questionnaire AND be committed to running a viable campaign. Our process helps ensure that our coalition is completely united around our candidates AND that our candidates have properly earned our endorsement.

Team Progress:

We’re building a coalition of progressive support across the state. Leaders who are trained and ready to help our candidates run for office—and possibly even run for office one day!

Electoral politics isn’t for the faint of heart. We know that we can’t win unless we are in the game, and we know that we won’t get progressive policies until we elect progressive champions! Wisconsin Progress is committed to answering the call– ensuring that candidates at the local and state level are given the tools to run and win!