The Academy of Alameda

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About Us

The Academy of Alameda’s Elementary and Middle Schools are free, public charter schools that serve a diverse community of students in kindergarten through the eighth grade.  AoA’s educational program is designed to support All students’ success while continually narrowing the opportunity gap by combining a meaningful, integrated curriculum, high quality teaching, and both academic and social-emotional enrichment and supportive services that allow all children to reach and exceed their potential.

The Academy’s board and staff are committed to providing students a top educational  experience where learning is embedded in meaningful real world contexts and where students are deliberately taught to see the connections between home, school, and the world through the lenses of identity, diversity, justice, and action. Students who graduate from The Academy of Alameda are academically and socially-emotionally prepared for success for the next level in and out of the classroom, and are on track to attend a four-year university. Students will also graduate possessing a social justice lens and sense of purpose that will enable them to actively participate and thrive in today’s increasingly diverse workplaces as well as in their community.

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