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About Us

On the topic of parenting, there are …

  • Thousands of books
  • A new theory every week
  • An opinion from everyone you meet

At the Parent Encouragement Program, we’ve helped…

  • Thousands of families
  • Over three decades
  • With one proven, research-based, results-oriented program

PEP's mission is to build strong, harmonious family relationships founded on mutual respect, shared responsibility, and cooperation. We do this by providing parenting education, skills training, and support to parents and other adults who nurture children. Together, we are raising a generation of young people who feel empowered to make positive contributions to their families, to ther communities, and to the world at large.

In addition to our classes, PEP provides private consultations, occasional family events, and a public lecture series. We have a growing presence on social media and a monthly column in Washington Parent magazine. Toward the end of 2013 we will launch a powerful new interactive website and the “Next Generation” campaign to develop a robust online distance-learning program to reach parents wherever they are.

Parent education programs such as ours have far-reaching effects and contribute to a range of positive outcomes, including improved physical, cognitive, social, and emotional health in both parents and children. Even families that are already doing well do better after PEP training as a result of improved parent-child understanding, more open communication, and a calmer home environment.