Education and Development for the Underprivileged Children of Nepal (EDUC-Nepal)

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About Us

Get to know us: In Nepal about 25 million people live and 40 per cent of them live below poverty line. The illiteracy rate is as high as 46 per cent. 200,000 children are unable to attend school.


To build a society free of corruption with strong moral characters and spiritual development and compassion for fellow beings.


THIS MUST END. In this setting we established Education and Development for the Underprivileged Children of Nepal (EDUC-Nepal) in 2002. Our mission is our name. By providing education and development to the economically and socially challenged children of our country, we believe we make Nepal a better place to live. Now and in the future. Mission

What we do

WE TEACH… • …qualify non-formal education to the children. (Alternative Schooling Program) • …moral and spiritual values to the children • …human values to the children • …the children to value themselves.

WE GIVE… • …love and affection to the children. • …healthy meals and clean drinking water to the children everyday. • …the children a safe environment where they can play and learn, sheltering them from the dangers of street life (drugs, violence, abduction and prostitution) and home abuse. • …regular health check-ups to the children.

WE ENCOURAGE… • …especially girls to empower and to educate themselves. WE INVOLVE… • … parents by giving them (skill) training to generate income, as well as counseling in various subjects like family planning, hygiene, nutrition etc.

Why we do it. WE TEACH BECAUSE… …children have a basic right to education. Through education they will develop self-confidence. Through self-confidence they will become independent citizens. Through independence they will make a positive contribution to our society, both economically and socially. They will be the architects of a prosperous society free of corruption and full of compassion for fellow beings.

WE GIVE BECAUSE… …children have the basic right to love, to food and water and to a safe environment. Through love they learn compassion. By eating nutritious food and drinking clean water they gain the physical strength to explore their possibilities. And only in a safe environment free from abuse can they focus on their studies and play freely.

WE ENCOURAGE BECAUSE… …girls need and deserve awareness. So that they know that they have the right to personal development. So that in the future they will stand up to abusive husbands. Made aware they will have a major influence on economic productivity, lowering maternal and infant mortality, and improving the health, well-being and educational prospects of the next generation.

WE INVOLVE BECAUSE… …parents often deprive their children of basic needs due to ignorance. They never had the chance to develop, so they do not see the necessity of their children’s development. By teaching them they will see what’s best for their children. By teaching them to generate income, they might be able to provide better education to their children without help from others.


How we do it: CHILDREN WELFARE CENTRE (CWC) The CWC was opened for children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school. While they work all day, their children are left on the streets, exposing them to street life. At the CWC they learn computers, arts and crafts, play games, sing and dance and have alternative schooling education or non-formal education. When a child is ready for regular school, we find them a sponsor. If possible, their parents also receive non-formal education and skill training.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (ASP) In 2003 we introduced the unique ASP at Shree Bal Bikash Primary School. This program provides a safe, healthy and constructive environment for students to recreate in. It also encourages them to do further study, and protects them from home abuse and the risks of street life. This concept is easy to implement and can therefore be adopted in any school.

CHILD’S CLUB When a child leaves the Child Welfare Centre, we want to keep regular contact with them. Through the Child’s Club, we can monitor their progress. Also the children of the Club can come to us with any problem they might encounter. The Club undertakes activities to develop the children talents and independence.


Our sister organization tHe neXt poSitive sTeps provides placement for volunteers for community development. The website is under construction and our facebook is

The best month for home stay is from the month of August to December where loads of local festivals take place that makes the volunteers stay more excitable and memorable. Other month from January to May is also very good for excellent whether condition.

Program: - minimum of 1 month… and anyone from any age group are welcome.