The Attic Learning Community

  • Washington


20140 137th Ave NE
United States

About Us

The Attic offers a unique educational experience for children ages 3 -18, one which supports a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood through our K-12 program and the Field & Forest Outdoor Preschool program. We are an 501c3 nonprofit organization,  EIN # 91-1995483.

About the Attic Learning Community:

Founded in 1999, the Attic is a dynamic learning community located in Woodinville, Washington, serving children ages 5-18. Our teaching and learning practices are based on constructivism (Piaget’s scientific theory that explains how human beings construct knowledge) and Socratic teaching methods. Our core academic classes meet three days per week (MTW), giving children and their families downtime and time to pursue outside interests.

At the Attic, children are deeply known by a supportive circle of adults as well as multi-age peers. Our community is one where children are accepted as their true selves, comfortable to explore freely and confident to challenge themselves and to try new things. We are a community where the developmental curriculum is flexibly designed to meet each child’s unique needs, interests, and abilities, and to expand them through authentically meaningful constructivist experiences. Our children feel ownership of their educational journey, and their innate motivation to learn is sparked and fanned into a strong flame. 

Our faculty is comprised of passionate educators who recognize the innate potential that lies within every child; who challenge students to approach learning with an open, inquisitive, and critical mind, and to go beyond the “facts” toward understanding the “why” and “how”; and who give children authentic choices and a voice in their education. Because we highly value the development of self-direction and intrinsic motivation, we do not use grades, rewards, or punishments. At every level, progress and growth are documented using detailed narrative assessments.

At the Attic, we are deeply committed to the ongoing growth and development of our faculty. We reflect often on our teaching practices and work collaboratively to understand and implement constructivist and child-centered teaching methods. Our ideal candidate will have thoroughly explored our website at He/she/they is energized by our approach and our mission, committed to his/her/their own growth and development as an educator, specifically drawn to teaching young children in a constructivist and child-centered teaching/learning environment, and open to receiving mentoring, regardless of years of experience.