Chaiya Shiyr: Living Songs Center

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15814 Champion Forest Dr
PMB 180
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About Us

Chaiya Shiyr: Living Songs Center is a nonprofit organization founded in August, 2007. Chaiya Shiyr is an outreach program designed to provide a professional, compassionate, and coordinated approach to the support of women who are survivors’ of domestic and sexual abuse. Chaiya Shiyr is dedicated to serve as a viable resource and network within North Houston and the outline areas. We exist as a voice to reach women of all races, ethnicity, ages, and abilities.

Our goal is to empower women by heightening self-awareness, increasing self-esteem and endorsing positive life changes. We use faith based creative teaching through programs, classes, seminars, technology, the arts and numerous ways to strategically communicate, broaden awareness, provide options and promote focus on spiritual growth, health and wellness, education, employment, and life management. These tools will serve as a catalyst along with our support for women to act on their own behalf and regain confidence, with hope for a greater tomorrow.