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About Us

Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) strives to create and support projects that will reduce poverty levels and increase educational and economic opportunities throughout Cambodia.

Based on the principle of ‘Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow’, our focus is education, including opportunities at local universities, JWOC’s Community Center and in the villages surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia. Over the years, we have learned that focusing on education is where we can make the greatest difference in helping those struggling to better their future and become leaders in their community.

Our current programs are:

Scholarship Program: In the past 10 years 150+ students have graduated from JWOC’s university scholarship program. These students have gone on to do amazing things, creating what we call the JWOC ripple effect. JWOC admits around 75 students a year into the scholarship program. These students generally come from rural Cambodian villages, work full time to support themselves and their families, attend university and volunteer 7 hours weekly at JWOC. Their volunteer work is key to the implementation of JWOC’s other programs.

Free Classes Program: We offer a wide range of Free Classes (Kindergarten, English, Digital Literacy, Art) to the local community complementing what is taught at public schools and providing a safe environment where students can play and study. We provide high-quality learning opportunities free of charge to those who cannot afford extra lessons at school or at private language centers. Each week, JWOC teaches over 40 classes to around 850 students at our Community Center.

Community Support: While Cambodia’s bigger cities flourish, many villages remain cut off from the progress with few educational resources. This program brings tailored education and training into villages in Siem Reap Province. We provide information about available community resources, employment information and deliver life skills training.

Education Loans: Unlike other countries where student loans are common place, student loans in Cambodia are only now emerging as a way to secure an education. JWOC offers low interest, no collateral loans for students who wish to continue their education beyond high school. .