Path From Poverty (Previously Women's Enterprises International)

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About Us

Path From Poverty (PFP) establishes partnerships with women in rural communities in Africa and Asia; local leaders who are investing in the lives of women living in poverty.

Together we share hope through development projects and leadership coaching that empower women to tackle great challenges, including access to clean water, food security, income sustainability, and education for their children.

By partnering in community-based projects led by local women’s groups, PFP helps the community meet it’s most urgent needs and fosters long-term sustainable change.

PFP strategy combines the power of women working together, the encouragement of partners who care, and the powerful incentive of a financial match.

The Key Tenants of the Development Model:

  • Group-Based Projects foster unity, support, and accountability within the group.
  • Micro-savings creates a transformative culture of savings and empowers women to achieve goals they never believed possible.
  • Financial match from Path From Poverty that provides a strong motivator for the group to save.

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