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About Us

Ccrep started when some enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people came together with the same heart and passion for Uganda. When we started helping people in vulnerable conditions and saw our lives change, after long discussions and prayer about how more should be supported, we started Ccrep.

We believe in helping the people of the community to push them out of poverty and spread of diseases which are the key factors to the great suffering of mankind in Uganda. Poverty and diseases are the major reason why we try to help in areas of health care, education, starting agricultural projects, provision of shelter and discipleship.

With that in mind, we are the first to admit that we are not that rich nor claim to be, but we overcome by combining ideas and efforts. This is how you come into play that with your support and ideas help move us further. We would be more successful in our projects if we had a number of friends to join us as volunteers, donors, sponsors, partners, prayer partners and well-wishers. 

Ccrep has a team of twelve (12) reputable members. The team must approve that the projects we intend to establish would benefit the community and that they would work. Anyone in Ccrep must understand this. Our openness about ideas and how things are being run make us transperant and have great success. There is strict accountability with each team member and all projects are well documented by taking pictures as well as written reports and interviews with recipients. Everyone within Ccrep understands that the most important part of our job is to be kind, responsible and transperant to our donors, sponsors, partners, supporters and other staff. It is our desire to come along side those in need and help them become successful on their own.

We are a ministry and how we treat the money we receive is just as important as the people we are helping. Our openness and strong beliefs have created an environment that is very productive and beneficial for everyone involved. The bond and trust between the team members is God-given. 

At present Ccrep has no abroad donation, partnership and extra support though we have hosted some friends who have come to volunteer with us. It is therefore our appeal that you support us financially but also become involved. Although your money is nice and we will gladly take it, we want you to be impacted more! We want you to feel the love and blessings which come with giving. We want you to pray with us for the children and the adults we are working with. We want you to see where your hard earned money and efforts would go. So we ask you to partner with us as much as you will whether this will be through financial donating, praying with us, coming for a trip or visit, gift giving or volunteering with us. We want you to see how together we can change the lives of the people of Uganda.

Thus joining this community.

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