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About Us

Our mission is to teach english and computer to poorest students of public schools in our city when they are in preeschool. As soon as they are in secondary school,We teach them english tourism dealing with the history of our city . In the first year Our preeschool,primary and high school teachers are qualified in two aspects: 1. in english language, because we want they teach their english classes only in English language. new methodologies to teach english because we want they improve their way of teaching with interactive classes. These teachers have to study communicative english and computer at the same time through six levels till they get the ability to be in our project. In the Second year, our teachers have to develop their knowledge with the students at the schools where they work, at the same time, they have to continous studying both subjects. Third year, we have been developing many assignments around english and computer teaching such as a bilingual corner, bilingual shows, english song contest and computer fair in all schools involved in the project to create an english and new tech environment. These bilingual and tech events are prepared to know the advance of learning process and a way of motivation for all those poor students.All of these works are made without money and funds, only with love,motivation, enthusiasm and high energy.