PAR-Recycle Works

  • Pennsylvania


342 East Walnut Lane
United States

About Us

.PAR-Recycle Works is a non-profit social enterprise that provides transitional employment for people retruning to society from prison.

As a long term solution to recidivism, PAR-Recycle Works, a non-profit social enterprise, provides transitional employment for people returning to society from prison. The work entails deconstructing end of life electronics as well as small appliances. PAR-Recycle Works has numerous partnerships with schools, churches, synagogues, businesses, townships etc. Electronics are picked up at different locations, returned to the warehouse for deconstruction, then delivered to several scrap partners who pay for the valuable metals, motors, and other scrap metals used to help pay the employees. All of the work is done In a supportive community environment, where employees develop and strengthen their job skills on a path to full time permanent employment. The needs of the broader community are also served by providing environmentally responsible recycling of electronics and secure data destruction. Hence, the tag line: Recycling Electronics, Restoring Lives.