Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief

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About Us

Miyamoto Relief applies engineering expertise to sustain life in at-risk communities around the world.

Equipped with frontline experience responding to earthquake disasters, Miyamoto Relief shares its expert engineering knowledge to save lives and communities while increasing the engineering capacity in communities directly affected by disaster.

We fill the void not provided by other disaster relief organizations. While other nonprofit partners provide for immediate needs such as food, water, shelter and medical care, our expertise addresses dangerous, post-disaster scenarios with advanced engineering and reconstruction skills. Earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings do.  

Our focus is on seismically upgrading schools – safeguarding the lives of those most vulnerable. In earthquake disasters, school structures are disproportionally affected, often putting tens of thousands of children’s lives at risk.

More than 30,000 children died in collapsed schools in China in 2008, which was totally preventable. In Haiti, 2.8 million children lacked access to education after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shut down thousands of damaged schools in 2010.  In Nepal, more than 7,000 schools sustained heavy damage or collapsed following a 7.8 magnitude seismic event in 2015. 

Miyamoto Relief also focuses on preserving cultural heritage and historic structures. The entire history of a culture can be lost in a few seconds of an earthquake when heritage buildings come crashing down. Miyamoto Relief’s expertise includes retrofitting centuries-old UNESCO World Heritage buildings before an earthquake strikes to reduce its risk of damage and collapse through highly technical repair and seismic-strengthening programs. We preserve history for mankind.