Lwala Community Alliance

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About Us

Our Mission:

To build the capacity of the people of Lwala, Kenya to advance their own comprehensive well-being. 

About Our Organization:

Lwala Community Alliance (Lwala) is a community-led innovator in rural western Kenya, proving that when communities lead, change is drastic and lasting. Lwala was founded by Milton and Fred Ochieng’ - brothers from our community - who catalyzed neighbors to build the area’s first hospital.  Lwala co-runs this community hospital with the Ministry of Health and provides technical assistance to two lower-level government facilities. Core to our model is a robust Community Health Worker program, which was creating from a preexisting cadre of traditional birth attendants. We track and support every pregnant mother, child under 5, and individual living with HIV in a population of 30,000. We look at the social determinants of health and conclude that it is not enough to provide stellar healthcare, so Lwala also catalyzes community effort to transform homes, fields, and schools.