Njioh Financial Literacy Centers

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Sossolisso, Molyko

About Us

Our mission is To Revamp the financial wellbeing of the African Youth. Njioh FLIC will obtain it objectives by providing the following interrelated and integrated services

1.Experiential Learning Environment



c)Mentorship and Coaching Support


e)Resource Sharing

f).International Internship within Africa

g).Financial Planning

h).Financial Literacy Education and tools

With Undivided Focus to;

-Increase members’ earning abilities

-Increase their sources of income (Multiple Sources of Income)

-Educate members on the subject of money

-Coach and train them on money management skills and best practices

-Leverage, Protect and invest their money in high yielding assets and

-Give back to the society

Objects of NJIOH FLIC

The objects of NJIOH FLIC shall be to:

1.provide the platform, tools, skills and support that empower members to create and migrate from unemployment to creating their first source of income

2.Contribute towards the creation and sustenance of youth employment and financial success

3.Represent the interests of youths as concerning issues of their financial wellbeing.

4.Collect and disseminate information that helps youth become self-reliant, self-employed and financially sustainable.

5.Collaborate with governments through the forum of NJIOH FLIC in identifying issues and financial challenges which should be addressed with the necessary support of government.

6.Create, develop, nurture and sustain partnerships and strategic alliances both nationally and internationally that will help increase the financial wellbeing of its members and the public.

7.Facilitate the provision of opportunities for capacity building of members in preparing them to face the real world.

8.Create forums, seminars, conferences, radio talk shows, etc. aimed at sharing best experiences and skills on curbing youth monetary poverty.

9.Encourage its members to promote participatory development by creating financially sustainable projects and businesses that will help and improve their lives and that of their respective communities.

10.Encourage its members to promote and adopt practices that ensure and show case their accountability, integrity and transparency to their respective stakeholders.

Keep a data bank of financial information, job opportunities sharing, and resources in the local, regional, national and international domains that will help them succeed.