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About Us

Sustainable vision Tanzania is a registered non-profit organization for the number 00NGO / 00007112. This institution began working as the CBO (community based organization) in 2008 and subsequently allocated status to non-governmental organization.

The main objectives of the establishment of this NGO are to develop development opportunities by helping non-business groups, to be able to join groups and to provide small business lending to assist their families. These Tanzanian women are the most important players in feeding and caring for their families. We have been able to establish more than 55 women's groups so far and 15 have received small loans for establishing their businesses.

Given our budget deficit, we have not been able to earn funding for these other groups and we continue to look for organizations around the world to join them and help us collaborate in order to support these women.

Any institution or volunteer (s) can help us, we are ready to be a partner of any organization or volunteer that does or support development activities like us.

The main task we have at present is to train rural women who do not have formal income so they can care for their families. So we are looking for volunteers who will be able to help us write proposals for funding to give these women a chance to start small businesses.

In line with this, we help Tanzanian primary-school children have access to food at school, so we are looking for volunteers who will volunteer in identifying these children's challenges and suggesting how best to help these children.

There are children who go to school without eating anything, and when they get to school they do not even get anything to eat.

We have been helping these children to a little extent we can even though this problem is great and it needs great strength to reach all the needy children. We continue to seek organizations to cooperate with them to help these children at a satisfactory level.

Please make a change to the Tanzanian community by contributing to whatever you have.Thank you