Asociación Tierra sin fines de lucro

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Escuela de Español La Mariposa
San Juan de La Concepción


About Us

WHO: Asociación Sin Fines de Lucro Tierra is a sister organization of La Mariposa Escuela de Español.

WHY: We exist to be a legitimate base upon which to fundraise and apply for grants for various projects supported by La Mariposa. In addition, Paulette -founder- will have somewhere to leave La Mariposa in her will, thus ensuring that its operations remain for the benefit of the whole community (and of course Guillermina- her daughter).

WHAT: We are 15 or so project workers operating under the same kind of community and environmentally based principles as La Mariposa and will look to support already existing projects that spring in one way or another from the community.

The principle of not imposing our own ideas or solutions will still be paramount. We also follow our well tested principles of minimum bureaucracy, maximum effectiveness and maximum local employment.