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About Us

Our objective is to inspire a movement across Europe towards media literacy We aim to produce young citizens that have a lifelong ability to find, analyze, and assess the credibility of media sources.


The world is more globalized than ever and an understanding of foreign affairs and cultures is essential for a peaceful and open-minded correlation of people and mobility. A foundational education in media literacy, focusing on new and social media, would provide young citizens with the skills to navigate this changing media landscape, and thus give them the tools to be active participants in civil society


Go Think Initiative will focus on creating a consortium of like-minded organisations across Europe that is dedicated to the cause of media literacy. We want to make media literacy a top-priority topic in international workshops and symposiums, as well as making it an item on the agendas of policy makers and ministries of education.


We are currently in the process of seeking partners, participants, sponsors and collaborators for a series of professional media literacy workshops to be held across Europe. These workshops will produce content that is focused on the topic of media literacy. We will also hold public events along with the workshops to allow the public to gain insight into our projects and goals, and to create a general interest in the issue of media literacy.