US-Brazil Connect

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1201 North Williams Street
United States

About Us

The mission of US-Brazil Connect is to strengthen education and build economic opportunities by connecting communities, engaging leaders, and creating transformative learning experiences linking the United States and Brazil. Over several years, US-Brazil Connect has worked to improve workforce quality with hundreds of US community colleges, leading U.S. foundations, the U.S. embassy in Brazil, and a broad range of Brazilian partners in education and the private sector

Our work focuses on three priority areas for impact:

  1. Engaging a new generation of Americans in life-changing opportunities in Brazil;
  2. Building community college capacity to bring communities in the U.S. and Brazil together for education, culture, and economic opportunity; and
  3. Building networks and partnerships to support greater knowledge of Brazil in the United States.

We bring communities in the U.S. and Brazil together to put ideas into action. We are passionate about developing practical strategies that help people in the United States understand and engage with Brazil.

Why Brazil? To put it simply, Brazil’s economy is booming and drawing attention from around the world. Sustainable and mutually-beneficial connections between the United States and Brazil will do more than strengthen trade: they will build long-term relationships based on respect, understanding, and curiosity.