Bushwick City Farms

  • NY


26 Arion Pl. #2
United States

About Us

Bushwick City Farms is a network of open spaces run by neighborhood volunteers that provides free food, clothing and educational programs for the community. Centered in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, the farms creates a unique opportunity to experience active models of responsible food production. In addition to the farming practices at the farm's main location, we build and help maintain vegetable gardens for local public schools, host school field trips and youth serivce groups, hold free beginner's English classes for spekers of other languages at a nearby location, and coordinate with local businesses to distribute bread and fresh produce donations. All help we receive is on a volunteer basis. All materials used are recovered from the garbage or paid for by individual donations. We collaborate with property-owners for the free availability fo their space and in turn everything that the farms provide is also free. We operate solely on a "give what you can, take only what you need" basis.