heal the soil

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About Us

With the help of organic farming experts, community leaders and voulnteers, we help start-up small vegetable gardens in village homes, provide seeds and training to local people to grow there own organic veg and fruits in their own premises.

With this initiative local families get healthier food, they save money on purchasing from the market and above all we help them sell their produce at local shops and restaurants for a fair price. This generates extra income which will help them not just to raise there standard of living but start-up a co-op to produce primary recourses, home and personal care products in a safe and sustainable way.

By using permaculture methods, this program will help transform the entire village into a self sufficient local economy & restoring natural resources.

Heal The Soil (CSA) is a long term goal to improve children's health, educate and train local communities, provide them with alternatives for planet friendly living and empower women to start-up their home based business units.

"One Seed At A Time, One House At A Time"