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Houseparents Position Description

LifeHouse fully relies on the power of Jesus Christ and the support of the Christian community to change and save lives. Our desire is to turn the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy into an opportunity for growth for the pregnant woman and to ensure life for her unborn child. We facilitate this by providing a Christian family home setting under-girded by counseling, instruction and post-partum support.

Overview: This 24/7 ministry provides unique opportunities for the Christian married couple that enjoys the rewards and challenges of living and working with young women. It is the chance to make a life-giving difference in the lives of those we serve. LifeHouse Houseparents are called of God, committed to serve, willing to work to create a Godly Christian home atmosphere, firm but loving in relationships, understand that many women come with problems associated with men, authority figures, and deep hurts.

Basic Duties: To work, minister, and live with pregnant women; to model the love of Christ through their actions and lifestyle to women facing one of the greatest crises of their lives. The couple is not just a mother and father, but are role models of a healthy, loving Biblically-based married team. They provide love with structure for women who may have had little of either in their lives. This position reports into the Program Director.

Work Schedule: Houseparents’ will serve in a full-time employee capacity on a rotating schedule.

Compensation & Benefits: Salary / Housing / Medical / Paid Vacation


  1. Married and committed Christian couple.
  2. Active in the Christian community.
  3. Maturity sufficient to assume the responsibilities for young women in care.
  4. Good spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Must have annual physicals including TB skin test (cost covered by LifeHouse).
  5. Education, training and experience sufficient for the position duties.


1. Take responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the Home and care of the young women.

2. Maintain a comfortable and clean house, with the assistance of the family.

3. Help the women meet appointments and other responsibilities. Know where each woman is when the woman is outside the Home.

4. Help monitor leisure time activities, including monitoring of TV, music, phone calls, and visitation.

5. Provide a means of physical exercise and recreation to the women.

6. Assist each woman in developing her gifts and talents by recognizing such gifts and lending encouragement and praise. Work with Program Director to implement residential service plans.

7. Encourage a wholesome, constructive attitude toward school assisting with studies as needed.

8. Maintain necessary contact with teachers, seek tutorial help as needed, and attend school functions.

9. Maintain necessary contact with residents’ job supervisors.

10. Maintain as nearly as possible a Christian environment that is joyful, relaxing and


11. Maintain an attitude that promotes availability to the women.

12. Enforce family guidelines and discipline in loving manner.

13. Provide appropriate home scheduling structure geared to running an efficient home.

If interested, please email a letter of introduction and resume to:

Clarinda Bell-Fetcher , Program Director-