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"NO POVERTY DEATHS IN MY NAME", 80% of the global production of goods and services are consumed by the richest 16% of the global population and 5% by the poorest 40% (at less than $2/person/day), resulting in 30,000 daily global poverty deaths delivered through the global political economy!

The "10-plums" workshop of "Meet the Minimum Needs of All", addresses the associated structural violence, identifies and calls upon our resources of empathy and compassion given to us from the Source, to undertake corrective measures to "meet the minimum needs of all"-- providing drinking water, nutrition, primary health care, basic clothing and shelter, and primary school education for all-- and advocates an immediate strategy of humanizing legislation for corporations that currently stand defended by the institutions of the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization.

But how ? The goal of such worshops and the planned internet presence / participation in / recruitment, is to identify and organize by 2020 a significant number (20 million ?) of the global First World Population (those making more than $8/person/day : 1200 million), to undertake this change by 2030, convinced they want the global political economy to eradicate Poverty Deaths.

May God Bless the Whole World.