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About Us

YouthCompass seeks to address the unique needs of mobile international high school and middle school students by providing caring adult role models who assist them in navigating life. We believe that as adults, we need to take the time to enter the world of our youth today. We need to be there for them.

Our leaders walk with students, loving them unconditionally- modeling respect and trust, living a friendship. These values reflect our commitment to Jesus Christ. We are able to be a true friend to students in the midst of cultural transition, coming alongside those that are often challenged with the difficult questions of adolescence in a cross-cultural and mobile environment.

YouthCompass encourages discussions regarding faith and its role in life. We are dedicated to exploring these subjects in a spirit of open dialogue with students, loving students regardless of faith background or experience. Through our regular events and service projects we give students the opportunity to celebrate life together in a fun, safe, and supervised environment- a place to belong.

YouthCompass is committed to challenging international students to give of themselves to those less fortunate. Through our annual Compassion service project, students from all over the world have the chance to give something of themselves to people who can never repay them. Whether it is renovating a building for a children’s orphanage in Romania, or assisting with flood relief in Poland, teens have the chance to make a real difference.