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About Us

Be Finally Free, Inc. is a non profit organization founded in 2011. Our mission is to reach out to the incarcerated, paroled, homeless, youth and their families to educate and disciple about the Lord.  The success of the ministry is due to established programs that Be Finally Free has created to not only reach Kern County, but also individuals nationally and internationally .


On a regular occasion we are in the prisons setting up Celebrate Recovery programs, bible studies and Sunday services. We have witnessed many individuals broken, lonely, and feel that they do not have a purpose in life. As we bring on the need of their personal relationship with the Lord and their freedom in Christ they begin to see otherwise. With our team of volunteers we have been able to mentor and council these individuals which has given them the determination and motivation to not return to their life of crime and break the incarceration cycle.


We also ensure that the individuals we mentor at the prison receives consistent support and fellowship while incarcerated, to continue their growth. Prisoners have become out of sight, and out of mind to their family, friends and loved ones; if they were fortunate to have any. Like us, these prisoners feel pain, they feel the loneliness, and the guilt of their past but they also can feel the happiness of receiving a simple letter written to them, encouraging them on their journey. We established a program called "Notes of Hope" to accomplish this.


Be Finally Free educates and counsels within and outside of the prison walls. We build relationships with inmates and it allows us to mentor and teach them to make better choices when paroled. We work to provide inmates with the information they need to make informed choices when released for jobs, living arrangements, and support services that are available to them. We want to educate them in a way that the cycle of incarceration can be broken and they impact their peers and future generations. 



We also work with local community groups and churches on how they can be better support to those that are trying everyday, to be a productive members of society and out of prison. Counseling individuals and encouraging community groups and churches to be more involved provides the community with more support to assist in breaking the cycle and crime. We also hold conferences, and seminars to remind all our responsibility as Christians and view everyone as the Lord would, with love, compassion, and the desire to help others.









To know God, God's will, or God's word you need a bible. That is why Be Finally Free wants to ensure anyone wanting to grow in their faith and relationship with the Lord has a copy of his word. Anyone in need of a bible gets one.


Be Finally Free also owns a Ranch in Havila, Ca. We want anyone who needs help working on their relationship with the Lord to have a retreat to go and only focus on that. Leaving the society and joining others that want to uplift and grow. The most impacting way to see God move in your life is by serving others. The facility will participate in a residential mission discipleship program. "The Ranch" is a training ground. The goal is to train disciples and to lead out of spiritual brokenness to wholeness and an abundant life in Jesus. Once an individual has completed the program, it is our goal that they return to their families and community, as restored, upstanding member, with a heart to serve others.