Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative

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About Us

YEDI is a local nigerian NGO and a non profit arm of a consulting company, Coxswain Social Investment plus (CSI+). YEDI was created in November 2011 and has experienced significant growth and traction since its creation.

YEDI was created by committed development professionals from CSI+ with experience in international public health, emergency settings, governance and corporate social responsibility on the African continent and specially in Nigeria. In our previous work we repeatedly came across programmes, initiatives and projects across the continent with significant impact or extraordinary development potential, yet they remained small in scope and scale. It was then created in the spirit of not inventing new development approaches but capitalizing on development investments already made and the lessons already learned for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged youth and communities in Nigeria.

YEDI works in close partnership with CSI+. CSI+ provides strategic advice and consulting services to international organizations and corporations on social investments. It organizes trainings, workshops and events, consult with public-private partnerships, and pro-actively serve as partners, honest brokers, and instigators of innovative development ideas. CSI+ has offices are located in South Africa, Tunisia and Nigeria. We all share a passion for making a difference and ensuring that there is a positive return on investment for international development.