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About Us

Our Mission & Vision:

Established in 1993 by a Harvard honors graduate, City Scholars® Foundation is a privately funded, non-profit corporation. Partnering with executive volunteers, we're on a mission to educate and empower nonprofit CEOs to lead well with limited resources, as they help thousands of low-income youth prepare for college, career and community leadership. We fulfill our mission through our signature investment, the City Scholars® Fellowship.

As a high-impact leadership learning community introduced in 2007, our tuition-free City Scholars® Fellowship helps highly-motivated non-profit CEOs, distinguished as City Scholars® Foundation Fellows, build skills, confidence and connections to grow education nonprofits from survival to success to significance helping thousands of low-income youth stay in school, out of trouble and on track to a brighter future.


Coming together monthly (January – October, including our Fellowship Kick-Off, monthly Roundtables and Retreat) with distinguished corporate and community leaders, Foundation Fellows (currently 19 nonprofit CEOs) learn, collaborate and inspire each other to lead well, as they and the nonprofits they lead improve educational opportunities and outcomes for over 83,000 predominantly low-income youth each year throughout the five-county Greater Los Angeles region. 

As our Fellowship community and its exponential impact continues to grow, we aim to inspire similar efforts in urban communities across the nation and around the globe.

Why Our Mission Matters:

To achieve against the odds, low-income youth depend upon the academic support, mentoring and creative enrichment quality education non-profits provide. In turn, these much-needed organizations depend for their success upon highly-motivated, extremely competent and well-connected leaders.

Working tirelessly on the frontlines in high-poverty, under-resourced urban communities, nonprofit CEOs need more than creative curriculum and a heart for helping low-income youth to keep the lights on and the doors open.

To survive and thrive in a critically important, yet immensely challenging and often lonely job, nonprofit CEOs need, but often cannot afford nor find through one program, the practical, comprehensive and proven effective leadership and business education, coaching, mentoring, networking and accountability that our City Scholars® Fellowship provides tuition-free. 

Through our Fellowship, we invest specifically in the leadership development of nonprofit CEOs who "lead beyond their on walls," working collaboratively to help thousands of low-income youth throughout the five-county Greater Los Angeles region achieve against the odds in school and in life. Learn more at