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About Us

The MIDI Association is a global consortium of hardware manufacturers, software and operating system developers, content providers, industry/media experts and end users who are committed to the success and expansion of MIDI technology and to the protection and promotion of the MIDI brand.


  • To promote MIDI and the use of MIDI technology and MIDI products 
  • To educate people on how to use MIDI 
  • To protect the MIDI brand from misuse 
  • To expand the use of MIDI on new platforms (both transports and OS) as they become available
  •  To insure interoperability of MIDI products through an open standards process with broad industry participation


  • Evangelize MIDI in education by developing an educational associate membership and certification programs for both teachers and students 
  • Evangelize MIDI in the marketplace by developing a retail associate membership and certification programs for retail salespeople
  • Evangelize MIDI to endusers by developing an end users associate membership
  • Evangelize MIDI to the industry by cooperating with other standards-setting organizations
  • Evangellze MIDI on all social media platforms (web, Facebook, Twitter, Host official MIDI web site