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2009 East 1st Street
Los Angeles
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About Us

CASA0101 is the Fiscal Receiver for The Roots and Wings Project. The Roots and Wings Project was created and is lead by actor/producer/playwright Jesse Bliss. Her site-specific play "Tree of Fire" was read December 2009 at the old East LA jail. A fundraiser is being planned for April 2nd, 2011. That event will be held at the former Venice CA jail where S.P.A.R.C. has galleries and projects operating from now. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used for a full production of the play on Alcatraz Island.

The Roots and Wings Project is being incorporated in order to use art and educational activities to expose injustice to those misrepresented in our society and to give voice to the unnamed, unspoken and misunderstood through theatrical innovation and multi-media collaboration.