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Odbrana (Pronounced OD-BRA-NA which means Ultimate Self-Defense in Serbian) is a realistic tactical style of suppressive measures designed specifically for self-defense. Odbrana is an authentic self-defense system that is extremely effective and applicable in everyday situations to demobilize an attacker on contact with little effort. It involves a combination of strikes, kicks, blocks, chokes, locks, throws and submissions. Unlike other forms of self-defense from around the world, Odbana teaches the individual to defend himself against multiple attackers with or without weapons from numerous vulnerable positions while under constant stress. It teaches the individual to always be aware of his surroundings and to act with caution. The individual is trained in situations with the emphasis on survival rather than retreat. In addition to hand-to-hand combat, the individual is also trained in the disarming of guns, rifles, knives, bats, batons etc. There are no age, weight or height requirements in practicing Odbrana. Odbrana is very convenient for adults, women, and law enforcement and is perfect for children's psycho physical development and mobility. Creator of ODBRANA is Chief Instructor Vladimir Djordjevic, head instructor of Real Aikido and Jujitsu for more then a decade in USA, Canada and South America. Vladimir Djordjevic was inducted into the martial arts hall of fame 5 times and holds a 6.DAN in Real Aikido, 6.DAN in Jujitsu and a 7. Dan in AikiJujitsu. With 29 years of martial arts dedication, Vladimir Djordjevic has gone on to win numerous championships in many associations and federations world wide. (USNTF, Arnold martial arts world games, etc.) Vladimir Djordjevic has served in the Serbian Military police and Anti-Terrorist Unit. As combat and tactical instructor he has singled out hundreds of the original techniques and purified them to effectively take complete control of a hostile situation. He has been featured on CBS2 TV as the most recognized rape prevention instructor to date. He is Ambassador of martial arts, an internationally recognized referee and very well respected as one of the main instructors for numerous units and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Odbrana is the primal instinct in all of us that makes itself known when a threat is present.... Vladimir Djordjevic, Chief Instructor