Sunridge Ranch

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United States

About Us

Sunridge Ranch was specifically designed and created to promote an active, independent life for adults with autism. We serve those on the moderate to high end of the autism spectrum. Our residents are those with many cognitive and physical abilities but who, despite years of hard work by the individuals themselves and their loving families, need continued close supervision and structure. It is our goal to provide this ongoing care, helping them achieve a life that’s meaningful to them.

We'll match our agricultural environment with each resident's strengths, abilities and desires to create a living/working experience that optimizes their potential and integrates them naturally into the community. Our ranch uses modern technology to enhance supervision and allows audio/visual communication with their loved ones.

We are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization. Our mission is to create a new model of innovative living solutions for individuals with autism, enriching their lives through work, recreation and community that can easily be replicated and duplicated throughout the nation.