The Safe Haven Project

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About Us

The Safe Haven Project is a non-profit International outreach organization that provides multiple forums and programs to children, teens and their families who are affected by Hiv/Aids.

It's success as an organization is due to the belief that self empowerment and healing is accomplished through education, medication, compassion, and the creative arts. And that once a person connects with that power it can effect positive and lasting change in their life, their families life, the life of their community, and as a result the health and well being of the global community at large.

In addition to it's strong foothold in the United States, The Safe Haven Project has expanded its services and opportunities to Ghana West Africa and the United Kingdom.

It's positioning in the UK, not only represents new opportunities for the children and families of that country; but also is an important stepping stone for the organization and it's goal/ability to touch the lives of thousands of children and families on the European Continent.

In order to learn more about The Safe Haven Project, as well as, the volunteer and or donation opportunities it provides please go to for further information.