Humanitarian Open Source Touch

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About Us

HOST-NGO is a network of skilled professionals, who are actively involved in development projects. It is a not-for-profit organization, which was established in 2008 in France and holds the legal status of an association (“Loi 1901”). HOST-NGO holds the mission to build a world-wide cooperation channel engaging local and international counterparts, such as local authorities and non-profit organizations, in solidarity projects.

HOST-NGO members are voluntarily deploying human resources, technical expertise and strategic vision to support the development of local communities, anywhere the organization is able to reach out to. They participate into the design of development projects along with local and international partners, and ensure the sound implementation of all projects and activities on the field.

HOST-NGO aims at fulfilling four main objectives: • Promoting volunteering and free sharing of knowledge and resources as a fundamental illustration of citizenship via local and international solidarity in development areas; • Encouraging greater participation of both public and private institutions, as well as the civil society, into the design and implementation of development actions in the interest of the whole community; • Enhancing global development actions dedicated to protect the respective interests of the civil society as well as both public and private organizations; • Encouraging the recognition of advanced legal and institutional requirements designed for the sustainable development of projects and leading to quality improvement in terms of people's participation in solving collective issues within the local community.