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About Us

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to transition women who are homeless and recently released from prison back into society. We provide case management and an array of programs throughout our network of transitional residences, individual apartments, and permanent supportive housing.

Our goal is to help our residents obtain permanent housing, get an education, learn job skills and find employment. This four-tier approach enables women and children to become strong families. We provide daycare for our infants and toddlers, and we assure that our older children are enrolled in school. In addition, all residents have access to a Registered Nurse through our Family Health Services Program.

Our unique structure provides a home away from home. Our core community members, volunteers and staff share in the day-to-day life of our residents, teaching by example the life skills that will help them successfully reintegrate into the community.

Around 50,000 women and families will sleep in New York City's homeless shelters tonight. We ultimately strive to break the cycle of homelessness, abuse and return to incarceration through creating long-lasting change in the lives of these women and families. We serve over 500 women and children at Providence House every year but we cannot achieve our goals alone. 


Emphasizing the dignity of every human person, Providence House affirms its commitment to provide shelter and support to homeless, abused and formerly incarcerated women and their children in a hospitable, non-violent, compassionate atmosphere. We also strive to address the causes of injustice and work towards the full and fruitful participation in the community of those with whom we share life.


To end the cycle of homelessness, abuse and return to incarceration through creating long-lasting change in the lives of women and families we serve. By continuing to maintain the high standards of Providence House’s diverse programs and services while simultaneously providing a nurturing community and caring home for each and every woman and family we take in, we believe we can make a significant impact.


Whether in conversation over dinner or in helping with a job search, Providence House’s values are behind everything we do. Our key values are:

  1. Community: We believe the health of the community rests squarely on the shoulders of every member of that community. It is through the relationships established by our programs that true change can be effected in the lives of the women and children we serve.
  2. Non-Violence: We emphasize non-violence as a necessary component of mental health and successful rehabilitation. It is through communication — not violence — that we come to terms with our differences.
  3. Compassion: We have a deep sensitivity to the hardships that many of the women and children in our community have experienced. We teach them the skills that help them deal with life’s complexities and provide them with tools to make their lives better.
  4. Hospitality: We are a welcoming community, open to change and new ideas. Through hospitality, we better ourselves, and the work we do.

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