Angel's Center for Children with Special Needs

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About Us

Angel’s center for children with special needs was formed after the founders’ experience in raising a child with Down syndrome in Europe. The founders wish to support parents in Uganda who are struggling to cope with raising children in a similar situation.

Parents of children with disabilities face great sadness, fear, worry regarding their little angels. They often endure spite, concern, stigma and even disbelief that their children are really disabled at the time. This negativity even comes from loved ones and even family members.

Angel’s centre has a strong desire to work closely with parents, because we believe families first have to accept and appreciate these children for society to change their perception. Families need to create a conducive environment for these children to grow, for example by bringing them to public places like churches, keeping them in hygienically clean environments and supporting them in their development stages like training them to use toilets, speech therapy and others.

The centre provides both practical and technical information to address the common complications of children with disabilities by working in partnerships with hospitals and government ministries.

Vision: A Society which integrates children with special needs to fully realize their potentials.

Mission: To be a voice and to break the silence of disability in communities, through increasing access to information and service delivery.

We need to give disability a “human face” despite the challenge these children remain beautiful, lovely and important to the social network of Society

Core Program Areas

  • Early learning for children with special needs
  • Research, Documentation and Information Sharing
  • Training, Capacity Building and Behavior Change Communication
  • Access to health care, Nutrition and Income generation to households