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About Us

Atlanta / Athens -- Goodwill of North Georgia is proud to launch a new program designed to assist youth in overcoming disadvantages and avoiding delinquency. The effort is part of a national mentoring program known as Goodwill(r) GoodGuidesthat helps teens finish school and transition into productive careers through the guidance of trusted adults.

Goodwill has a long history of helping people find work. A crucial part of that history is making sure that families are strong. Goodwill GoodGuides can help keep youth who are at-risk get on the right path, away from trouble and toward a better future. That's good for everyone involved.

The overall goal of the Goodwill GoodGuides program is to help youth build career plans and skills, and prepare for school completion, post-secondary training and productive work by providing structured and supportive relationships with trusted adult mentors. It targets youths between the ages of 12 and 17 who are at-risk for dropping out of school, facing legal troubles, or are at risk for delinquency due to issues such as abuse, disability, drug or alcohol dependence, or gang membership.

With Goodwill GoodGuides, we will be able to offer mentoring services to the youth of our community. Goodwill aims to recruit, train and support approximately 100 volunteer mentors to engage youth in promoting their career development and life skills. We ask our mentors to spend 6 hours per month with their mentee over the course of a one year period.