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About Us

Green Mile Charity- Funding the Future of Education

At Green Mile Charity, we are committed to improving the quality of education.Funds raised during our events are awarded directly to students in scholarships, used for funding student outreach programs, and sponsoring teacher workshops—all things that are recycled back into improving education.

We’re looking for partners to help us realize its potential. Sponsorships, donations, time, resources, ideas, or just a set of helping hands—we can use them all. There’s work to be done, so please join us.


Forging a partnership between the community and leaders in Green Technology


The Green Mile Charity foundation will foster collaboration between industry leaders in Education and Green Technology to enable students to prepare themselves for the future.


  • Perform Youth and Adult Outreach Programs
  • Provide college scholarships by donating to other charties

To speak with someone about upcoming events, partnering, or with general questions, email us at