Playhouse Cooperative Nursery School

  • NJ


88 Franklin Ave.
West Orange
United States

About Us

Mission Statement

The Playhouse is a preschool, which values childhood as an exciting and important time when young children need to explore and experiment freely toward self-discovery. It is a place where meaningful learning happens through hands-on experiences. Problem solving and social skills are developed to foster independent thinking in a cooperative setting. Following the guiding principles of developmentally appropriate practice for young children, the Playhouse strives to provide each child with the opportunity to develop a positive self- concept and confidence. Respect, communication, acceptance, support and tolerance are important at Playhouse. As a cooperative preschool, we are enriched by the contributions of parents and families. The Playhouse staff provides guidance, support, love and understanding. With its sliding scale fee structure, Playhouse encourages an economically diverse student body.