Sethu Child Development and Family Guidance

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About Us

Sethu’s mission is to be a bridge between children and their families, their schools and their communities to foster their complete development through assessments, therapy, educational initiatives, training, awareness and capacity building.

Sethu is a charitable trust committed to the development of children, based in India’s smallest state of Goa, just south of Maharashtra.  Since its inception 11 years ago, Sethu has grown from an idea to an organic vibrant center that strongly believes that every child, despite whatever challenges they may face deserves to reach their full potential. 

Sethu's multi-disciplinary team works with children with a range of developmental, emotional, learning and behavioural challenges by building bridges of hope and understanding between child, family, teachers and society.  Children between the ages of 0 – 19 years old come to the center, which is currently a rented residential house, for initial testing and assessment followed up by a comprehensive intervention plan.  This often involves school and home visits as well as sessions with our professional staff for remediation, speech and language therapy, behaviour therapy and counseling. In 11 years over 6000 children have benefited from Sethu's services. Regular workshops and training programs for parents and teachers help build capacity in people who are directly connected with children. Sethu also advocates for children with autism and other disabilities.