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About Us

AFA Foundation is a non-profit organization committed for holistic development of the growing needs of the fatherless, widows, neglected and providing succor to the society by empower human capacity development.

It is focused on urban slums, resettlement colonies, villages and rural areas. 

Whenever you become sensitive to care for the poor and particularly for the widows and orphans, God becomes sensitive to your own heart cry. We believe that defending the poor and fatherless is one of our purposes.

 If anyone stops his ear from the cry of orphans, when such a person cries to God for help, God will not hear them.


To reach and help the underpriviledge people and neglected communities in Nigeria and across Africa. 

Our motto

Defender of Defenseless (DOD) 

MISSION: Children and Woman are the most sensitive and vulnerable section of the society more often than not, but this section is ignored and many time exploited due to the discrimination, poverty and unfavorable circumstances.

AFA is helping them to enhance their skills to make them earn a better living and statues in society.

We include steps for the social, economical, cultural and intellectual development and awareness implementation and also rehabilitation program for widows, deprived women, un-employed youths and aged people.