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Hot Springs
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About Us

Victory Retreat Montana is a rehabilitative Christian retreat offered as a non-clinical alternative to the conventional rehabs in existence today. It is for those challenged by any addiction. Our program has been designed to effectively deliver compassionate and non-judgmental help and support in a modality of healing found within the pages of the Bible. We offer faith based support, specialized life coaching, mentoring, peer-to-peer activities, counseling, awareness workshops and classroom study. Through our unique methodology, we break through the hard shell of addiction and guide participants to know God's love, develop self respect, have self worth and realize hope.

The humble roots of Victory Retreat Montana began back in 2009, before Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc was formed. In April of 2011, we formed a non profit corporation in the state of Montana. We have always provided Christ centered charitable help and support for people struggling with addiction. We have people coming to us from our online blogs and web sites that focus on addiction, it’s causes and Biblical healing.

In February of 2017 we registered as a Federally approved 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. We took this step in order to expand our ministry to a daytime retreat, serving as a healing and learning center for those challenged by addiction. Our day retreat, a pilot program, is in preparation for our future residential retreat. Both the day and residential retreat are purposed for those looking to recover from addiction without spending a lifetime in recovery. Within our unique and diversified program, we include Bible study, Christian life coaching, mentoring, Biblical counseling, peer interaction, worship, classroom study (incorporating Teen Challenge’s PSNC discipleship program), psychological consults with a Christian clinical psychologist, and many diversified and enjoyable activities that honor God.