Neighborhood Garden Coalition

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2599 Harvard Rd.
United States

About Us

Everyone's Garden provides the opportunity for people of all abilities to share their experiences and learn from one another in a sustainable environment.  We host an accessible and inclusive small-scale organic farm and education center that models for sustainable urban agricultural practices. Our programs are centered on experimental learning of a wide range of skills and expertise in farming, community development, and health and education.

Mission: To help people in need, through the garden to provide healthy food, and a positive experience. We promote inclusion and accessible garden programs as an important part of our mission.

Vision: We seek to build partnerships sharing the value of sustainable farming and developing an inclusive environment. To meet these goals, we propose supporting multiple projects, community gardens, and an educational center. The synergies of the multiple projects are leveraged to appeal to many constituents and offer multiple avenues for participation through the sharing of common resources.

Core Values

  • Respect—Our strength comes from embracing diverse experiences, cultures and points of view, and from appreciating the integrity of the natural world

  • Collaboration—We are committed to collaborative decision-making. We partner with and support the efforts of others who share in the work of building enduring communities.

  • Sustainability—We share in the collective responsibility to steward and protect the earth’s resources. We are committed to ethical business practices that ensure an economically healthy organization.

  • Innovation—We serve as a model for innovative land use. Continuing this tradition by developing new program designs and strategies to grow food and support healthful lifestyles.

  • Discovery—We invite people to stray off the path as they experience the land, allowing people to define their own experiences and interactions within a shared natural resource.

  • Social Justice—Everyone deserves plentiful access to nourishing, fresh foods and broad opportunities to experience nature.