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About Us

Hoffen Outreach Programme

Welcome to hoffen outreach programme! HOP is a charitable organization in Kenya, the organization was formed with the objective goal of building a strong foundation of learning and teaching in slum,rural and marginalized Kenyan areas to avail and improve the quality of a child's education.

All our placement programmes are carried out by volunteers who have the courage,will and open mind to helping the less privileged in the community.

The programmes are all year round,with set periods for people wishing to volunteer at a period,We have short-term(1-8 Weeks) and long term (8weeks-24months) volunteer periods.

Our Volunteers have done tremendous activities to strengthen the cores of the community in which they participated;they strengthened and enriched educational programs,homes and orphanages and have fostered great cooperation among all the partners in our rural school community,however we encourage for more people from different walks of life to volunteer so that we can reach a vast majority of young generation that need your help.


Established hoffen is a charitable operating in Kenya;with the objective goal to building a strong foundation of learning and teaching to ensure an improved quality education for the less privileged and disadvantaged Kenyan child;with the help and collaboration with international volunteers from all walks of life.


Building a solid foundation of learning and teaching in the Kenya community, with the objective of fully unlocking extraordinary potential in technological,economical and innovative world has been a challenge for all communities.
We are involved with community based organization focusing on impacting less privileged populations ,we have focus on Education, girl child empowerment,community development ,health,youth and HIV/Aids programmes.

Hoffen Programmes:
Our programme, as mentioned, are meant to act as key tracks into leading the community to improve its social-economic,technological and innovative growth and development through availability of better education quality.

Our multicultural environment provide the volunteers with an opportunity to learn,and share culture shock and experience; it also provide a call for volunteers to apply their wealth of skills, knowledge and experiences.

Hoffen and its volunteers have played a major role in shaping the communities in which they operate; by initiating quality education programmes and formulating and implementing new growth and development strategies.
Volunteers who wish to participate with us can log on to http://www.hoffen.org and fill an online application form.
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