Angaza Trust


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About Us

Angaza is a youth-to-youth and Community Based Peer program situated in Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa-Njenga slums, Embakasi. Angaza works to assist children and young people in poor communities and in the streets find their worth in life. Angaza began work in 1999 under Lifespring Chapel (a non-denominational church in Embakasi, a few kilometers from Nairobi). It is Angaza’s goal to provide the poor, the vulnerable children and the young people, an avenue to self determination and development.

The underlying idea of the ministry is to assist street/slum and vulnerable children, young people and their communities to:

• Develop balanced emotional, social, spiritual, and physical stamina.

• Raise funds to help educate and support the participating beneficiaries

• Educate the community through peer education on issues of well-being such as nutrition, education, poverty, abuse, AIDS prevention, drug abuse, etc.; and to generally promote awareness of the needs and rights of poor, homeless, or abused children.