Casa De La Cultura Maya

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501 South Bixel Street
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Our Vision is to preserve the diversity and history of the Mayan people of Mesoamerica, through the promotion of their culture, cosmovision and ancient traditions.

Our Mission is to encourage the Mayan Culture in all its Social, Artistic, Religious and Political expressions, facilitating research and education, through the union of individuals and groups identified with the Mayan roots.


1. Keeping alive the heritage and contributions of our Mayan ancestors to future generations and to promote dialogue between them.

2. Improve public understanding of traditional beliefs and spiritual practices.

3. Promote interest in preserving the Mayan cultural legacy, through education, guidance and support to our children, youth and anyone interested, while promoting respect and family unity.

4. Bring up together all partners to help us meet our needs through the guidance and support legal and consumption, creating commitments with agencies that provide social services such as hospitals, schools, insurance, government agencies, scientific associations which might help, including similar organizations with the aim of promoting culture.

5. Create a friendly and compromising environment with all the governments of the Maya region for projects that achieve together a cultural and economic projects in our communities on both sides of the border

6. Defend the legitimate interests of Casa de la Cultura Maya.