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About Us

According to government records, there are more than 4 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Colombia. These people have been forced to leave their homes to avoid the effects of war or natural disasters. In the context of the internal armed conflict in Colombia, children and adolescents are the weakest and the most vulnerable amongst the forcefully displaced population.

The dire risks to which this vulnerable segment of the population is exposed include malnutrition, lack of education, physical and mental abuses, sexual exploitation, forced labor, abduction, and recruitment by illegal and armed groups.

But, how do we deal with this humanitarian crisis in Colombia, and, especially, how do we ensure the effective protection of the rights of displaced children and adolescents? There is a need to supplement and broaden the existing governmental support to reach a greater number of children and adolescents assisted. We believe that assisting this extremely vulnerable segment of the population is the responsibility of the whole society. Together we are all responsible for developing strategies aimed at improving the quality of life for our children.

Therefore, Fundación Juventas was created to benefit thousands of young victims of forced displacement by offering them the opportunity to continue with their integral development and growth process.

Fundación Juventas is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring the development and well-being of displaced children and adolescents. Our strategies include educational activities, advocacy, and the improvement of their living conditions through a family and community-based approach, as a multi-layered strategy to fight the complex causes and effects of poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

Our staff is composed of highly motivated volunteers who dedicate their time to transforming the lives of young victims and survivors of forced displacement. We need your support to help reach the most vulnerable casualties of conflict - children. Together, we can make a difference!