Weymouth Food Pantry

  • MA


PO Box 890009

United States

About Us

The Weymouth Food Pantry serves approximately 1,000 families in Weymouth at any given time, between 60 and 115 per service day, distributing nearly 300,000 pounds of food per year and growing. In a community where 1 in 10 residents struggles to afford food, the Weymouth Food Pantry offers food assistance and education through a variety of avenues: at its pop-up pantries, through grocery delivery to our home-bound elders and people with disabilities, at the farmers market, in local schools, and through teaching basic home gardening skills.

Our Vision

We envision a Weymouth in which every family is able to sit down to dinner together at night no matter their financial struggles, in which all our elders have enough food to stay active as long as they can, and where we've woven together the kind of caring community that ensures nobody is forgotten in their time of need. 

Our Mission

To end hunger in Weymouth, Massachusetts.