Brand New Congress

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North Carolina
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About Us

We are the ONLY Post-Partisan PAC that recruits regular working people to run for Congress. Party affiliation is secondary to the issues important to the people. 

Our majority volunteer-led organization works tirelessly towards this goal by recruiting and endorsing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who will make up our pre-formed caucus to enact the common sense legislation for which Americans have been waiting. Laws that invest in renewable energy, end mass incarceration, and guarantee a living wage are way overdue. Average citizens want to see these ideas put into action, and the political and corporate classes have consistently stood in the way of that vision.

Thus, our mission is to overwhelm the polls by presenting candidates that are not the “lesser of two evils,” but candidates that stand up against the corrupt political establishment and neoliberal economic order, and represent the values of all Americans.

Through brand new ideas, brand new values, and brand new politics, we will elect a Brand New Congress!

Latest Listings

Press Team Volunteers (Volunteer Opportunity)

Deputy Social Media Manager (Volunteer Opportunity)

E-Commerce Manager - Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Deputy Field Director (Volunteer Opportunity)

Training and resource volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Organizer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Political Outreach Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Graphic Design Lead (Volunteer Opportunity)

Field Coordinator, Marc Whitmire TN-02 (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteer Coordinator, Marc Whitmire TN-02 (Volunteer Opportunity)